Clearwater Services UK specialise in high quality legionella risk assessments and legionnaires’ testing for a wide range of water systems. We have worked across a large number of types of site so you can be assured that your legionella risk assessor has all of the relevant training and experience to give you the best possible advice and support.

Clearwater Services UK understands what the HSE and enforcing authorities are looking for when assessing your legionella risk and control scheme. Our staff will work with you to identify any training needs in order to ensure that your legionella risk assessment is properly managed.

We will ensure that:

  • All required systems are identified and inspected as part of your water risk assessment
  • The risks within your systems are identified
  • Schematic diagrams of the systems are produced as part of the legionella assessment
  • The condition of the water within your system and accessible equipment is determined through the legionella survey
  • Specific reports are provided on any remedial work or modifications needed in order to reduce legionella risk
  • All of the above will be included in a full written report with a review meeting to ensure that there is a complete understanding of the legionella assessment
  • All assessments, reports, test results, and recommendations will be uploaded to your secure area on this website with fast, easy access