Our team of legionella consultants at Clearwater Services UK possess a range of technical expertise and experience in relation to the control of legionella in water systems. Our legionella specialists deliver consultancy services in an appropriate and safe manner covering the following areas:

Definition of requirements

Detailed clarification of the scope of the service to be supplied, its objectives and outcomes.


Details of the preparatory work required including pre-work site specific risk assessments, equipment check lists and preparation of a project plan including resource requirements.

Project execution

We work to Quality Assurance systems such as the LCA Code of Conduct to ensure that the required aspects of legionella control service management are incorporated. We undertake water quality assessments to an appropriate rationale through a combination of site visual inspections, on-site testing and laboratory analysis of samples.


Our consultants offer balanced advice that can help informed decisions to be made about working environments, service providers and enhanced performance in controlling risks.

Clearwater Services UK can provide a comprehensive range of legionella services to ensure that you are compliant with all legislation and you can remain confident that you are operating your business in a safe and healthy environment.