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The management of legionella involves performing a risk assessment to determine which parts of an internal water system will be most prone to a build up of legionella. This highlights the areas where legionella sampling should be focused. Test are performed and sent for external analysis, and they will highlight any significant build up of the legionella bacteria.

There will need to be a plan for ongoing legionella monitoring and this is often done by a specialist provider of legionella services. They will help the organisation to put a legionella management plan in place and to set up a ‘live’ document in the form of a legionella log book.

The legionella log book will contain details of the water system layout and components, including all outlets for hot water. It will show the initial risk assessment and all of the ongoing legionella monitoring and management that has taken place. It is vital that an organisation has this in place as they will need to demonstrate to the relevant authorities that it has taken due care over its legionella management, especially in the case of an outbreak.