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It is vital that any organisation giving public access to a hot water source is aware how to prevent Legionnaires Disease. This will be accomplished through a focused programme of legionella prevention, which will involve a risk assessment and water sampling of the parts of the system most vulnerable to legionella.

The key to preventing Legionnaires Disease is to ensure that the bacteria that causes it, legionella, cannot grow in a water system and therefore infect users of the system.

Legionella is a bacterium that needs a temperature of 20C to 42C to actively reproduce and grow, along with a nutrient source. Legionella prevention includes keeping all hot water storage tanks in a good condition, and free from rust, sludge, lime scale and other organic contaminants. By keeping the system itself free of anything the legionella can use to feed upon then legionella is prevented from reproducing, and in turn this will help to prevent Legionnaires Disease.